The Modern Path Future

This ruleset is for Hans’ big future campaign based on The Modern Path 2.0 with items from D20 Modern and D20 Future.

PL6 is the median PL (technology level) from D20 Future for this ruleset. D20 Modern items are considered PL5, and archaic equipment is PL4. Traditional Pathfinder equipment must be specifically approved by the DM. We are using a Dollar currency instead of wealth. Refer to the currency table to convert Wealth DC to Dollars.

No licenses are being used, instead convert licenses to proficiencies for weapons, and ignore armor licenses entirely. Licensed = Simple, Retricted = Martial, Military = Exotic

Approved documents:
The Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World (Full Book)
Pathfinder Core Rulebook (Classes, Feats, Human Race, Skills)
Pathfinder Ultimate Combat (Feats and Firearm Mechanics)
D20 Modern (Equipment)
D20 Modern SRD Gear
D20 Future (Equipment)
D20 Future SRD Gear
Arachnoid Race
Genotian Race
Pers Race
Phisk Race
Currency Table

Unapproved Documents (Do not use): (system is outdated)

The Modern Path Future

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