Post-Schism Universe

This ruleset is for my big future campaign based on The Modern Path 2.0 with items from D20 Modern and D20 Future along with a multitude of races from many science fiction and fantasy universes. (Note; Races keep their appearance and demeanor, but not necessarily their culture. You may see a Vulcan married to a Romulan or a group of Wookies that have vow to kill every Mon Calamari in the universe. The only exceptions are the races from the Hansverse who will have all racial aversions as described on their pages.)

Background Story
The universe was once a prosperous and unified place until a technological and political collapse several thousand years ago. Many important elements of technology were taken for granted and lost. Generations of research were needed to bring your neighborhood of planets back to a point where they could communicate, and eventually travel to each other’s homes. Several ancient derelict warp gates are scattered across your small known system of stars and historians claim there are hundreds more throughout the galaxy. You live in an exciting time where many talented people have come together in hope of reactivating one of the warp gates.

(If you would like any other race within reason, just ask)


  • Common (English)
  • Dosh (Trandoshan)
  • Dug
  • Dwarven (Includes Gnome)
  • Elven (Includes Halfling)
  • Huttese
  • Jawaese
  • Klingon
  • Luxan
  • Nebari
  • Orc (Includes Goblin)
  • Pfhor (Includes Sangheili)
  • Romulan
  • Shyriiwook (Wookie)
  • Sylvan (Arachnoid)
  • Vulcan

Core and Base Pathfinder classes are permitted, but the Modern Path’s Modern Hero Base Class following your chosen ability path and archetype is recommended.

Use the existing Pathfinder skills complemented with the skills from The Modern Path.

Feats (ask otherwise)
The Modern Path
Pathfinder Ultimate Combat (many firearm specific feats)

Choosing a Trait is important for determining starting cash and a few minor perks for the Modern Hero Class.

You are permitted up to one difficulty from the Modern Path.

PL6 is the median PL (technology level) from D20 Future for this ruleset. D20 Modern items are considered PL5, and archaic equipment is PL4. Traditional Pathfinder equipment must be specifically approved by the DM. We are using a Dollar currency instead of wealth. Refer to the currency table to convert Wealth DC to Dollars.

No licenses are being used, instead convert licenses to proficiencies for weapons, and ignore armor licenses entirely. Licensed = Simple, Retricted = Martial, Military = Exotic

Approved documents:
The Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World (Full Book)
Pathfinder Core Rulebook (Classes, Feats, Human Race, Skills)
Pathfinder Ultimate Combat (Feats and Firearm Mechanics)
D20 Modern (Equipment)
D20 Modern SRD Gear
D20 Future (Equipment)
D20 Future SRD Gear
Currency Table

Unapproved Documents (Do not use): (system is outdated)

Post-Schism Universe

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